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Meringue cookies
60g Egg whites
60g Sugar
10g Cornstarch
10g Powdered sugar


Sweet Pastry Crust

Unsalted butter 60 g
Powdered sugar 35 g
1/2 eggs (25 g)
flour 120 g

150g Whipping cream(35-38%)
5g Sugar

200g Chestnut paste(Pâte de marron)
70g Unsalted butter
Powdered sugar
Marrons Glacé

* Preheating is necessary. Even if the recipe was written without “preheat oven …”, you must preheat the oven, and please start baking when the oven reaches a set temperature.

* The result of baking may be changed depending on each oven at home. The temperature and the baking time in this recipe is only a guide. Please check the degree of baking stuff before taking it out from the oven, and then take it out.


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